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                      "Rescue Me"

The sparkle of life has long since left my tired eyes

Years of neglect have brought me here

A steel hand is all that I have felt

The bang of an auction gavel sealed my fate

But a golden ray of sunshine comes upon me

A soft voice whispers in my drooping ears

A gentle hand touches my tired withers

Although I flinch, I do not feel the sting of a whip

Calming words and a soothing voice ease my fears

A halter & lead rope are gently placed on me

Another trailer stands before me now, I am urged to go inside

I struggle with fear and pull back hard on the rope

Awaiting harsh words and whip lashes, I pull harder

But no harsh words hurt my ears

No sting from the whip piercing my skin

I only hear more gentle soothing words

With fear and trepidation, I step into the trailer

My entire body quivers in fear

A huge mound of fresh green hay awaits me

At my destination, I am gently led into an enormous stall

with deep, soft bedding

A trough of clear, cool water to drink from

A feed tub with fresh grain awaits me

I peek out my stall door to a pasture of lush green grass

I wonder to myself "Is this the Rainbow Bridge?"

The horse in the stall next to me nickers, "No, it's an equine rescue."

By Dana R. Hendrix



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